The Town of Pembroke, Massachusetts

Property Assessment Data

Town of Pembroke
Board of Assessors
100 Center Street
Pembroke, Massachusetts 02359
(781) 293-2393

Board Members

Mary E. Quill, MAA, Chair

Elaine Boidi, MAA, Member

Elizabeth A. Bates, MAA, Member

Office Staff

Jeanne Gigliotti, MAA, Chief Assessor

Casey Driscoll, MAA, Assistant Assessor

The following information is provided as a service to the taxpayers of Pembroke and is for Assessing purposes only. This data is reflective of the January 1, 2024 actual tax bill for Fiscal Year 2024. This on-line file is only updated yearly and may not reflect current information. The most up to date information is available in the Assessors’ office.

The assessed value (or assessment) is the value of property to be used for local taxation, as determined by the Assessors according to Massachusetts General Laws & regulations set by the Commissioner of Revenue. Assessed values in Massachusetts are based on "full and fair cash value" or 100 percent of the fair market value.

The Assessors do not determine taxes. The municipality itself determines the level of property taxation, through its Town Meeting. Similarly, the Assessors don't decide who is entitled to relief on their property tax bills through exemptions; rather they are established by state law.

Pembroke real estate taxes are issued quarterly.

July 1st - The fiscal year beings. This is the qualifications date for all statutory exemptions. The first estimated bill is mailed and is due on August 1st.

October 1st - The second estimated tax bill is mailed and is due on November 1st. It is advisable to file your application for exemption now.

December 31st - The actual tax bill will be issued and is due on February 1st. This is also the period for filing overvaluation applications.

April 1st - The final quarterly tax bill is mailed and is due on May 1st. This is also the deadline for filing statutory exemptions.